Congress Programme

Saturday, September 24

8.30–9.00 Coffee, posters
9.00–9.40 Plenary session
Smart Lab medicine in the digital era
Glass Hall
Bernard Gouget, France

9.50–11.30 | Morning sessions

Session 7 Patient focused laboratory medicine
Moderators: Janis Stasulans, Latvia; Marge Kütt, Estonia
Glass Hall
9.50-10.20 Quality and POCT Sverre Sandberg, Norway
10.20-10.35 POCT in Tartu Ambulance Service Agnes Ivanov, Estonia
10.35-10.50 Experience of using automation for management of self-sampling kits in E.Gulbja laboratory Didzis Gavars, Latvia
10.50-11.05 Direct self-sampled gargle water LAMP as a screening method for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 infections Skaistė Arbačiauskaitė, Lithuania
11.05-11.25 What people ask from laboratory doctors? Marge Kütt, Estonia
Session 8 Sexually transmitted diseases
Moderators: Kai Jõers, Estonia; Vesta Kućinskiene, Lithuania; Marta Priedīte, Latvia
Hall 2+3
9.50-10.10 Hypothesis and the need for confirmation of the diagnosis by the laboratory. Clinician’s view Margus Punab, Estonia
10.10-10.40 Detection of M.genitalium and antibiotic resistance in Europe Magnus Unemo, Sweden
10.40-11.00 HPV self-sampling in cervical cancer screening: a pilot study in Estonia Piret Veerus, Estonia
11.00-11.15 HPV screening programme in Latvia – laboratory experience Marta Priedīte, Latvia
11.15-11.30 STI diagnostics in Lithuania Vesta Kućinskiene, Lithuania
11.30–12.00 Coffee break, posters
12.00–13.40 | Mid-day sessions
Session 9 SARS-CoV2 epidemic (epidemiology, diagnostic etc)
Moderators: Siiri Kõljalg, Estonia; Laura Ansone, Latvia
Glass Hall
12.00-12.20 SARS-CoV2 in Estonia. Immune response Paul Naaber, Estonia
12.20-12.40 Multi-omics approach in the identification of molecular footprints of SARS-CoV-2 infection Laura Ansone, Latvia
12.40-13.00 Innate immune response to COVID-19 Laura Pereckaitė, Lithuania
13.00-13.20 SARS-CoV2 and fungal infections Helle Järv, Estonia
13.20-13.40 SARS-CoV2 testing in wastewater Tanel Tenson, Estonia
Session 10 Harmonization in laboratory medicine
Moderators: Liisa Kuhi, Estonia; Dalius Vitkus, Lithuania
Hall 2+3
12.00-12.30 The revised European Urinalysis Guideline Timo Kouri, Finland
12.30-12.50 Harmonization of electrophoretic investigations in evaluation of monoclonal gammopathies in Estonia Kaja Vaagen, Estonia;  Galina Zemtsovskaja, Estonia
12.50-13.10 Harmonization of verification Agnes Ivanov, Estonia
13.10-13.30 Harmonization in satellite labs Marge Kütt, Estonia
13.45–14.15 Presentations of Selected Abstracts (3 oral presentations) Glass Hall
COVID-19: Prolonged viral shedding in an HIV patient Oksana Savicka, Latvia
Non-polio enteroviruses – are we looking in the right place and quickly enough? Baiba Niedre-Otomere, Latvia
Landscape of genetic alterations of Estonian patients with MDS and AML diagnosis Maria Keernik, Estonia
14.15-14.30 BALM 2022 Best Poster Recognition Ceremony  Roche representative and Kalle Kisand, Estonia
14.30–14.45 Closing Ceremony Glass Hall